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An Exciting Itinerary to Explore Riyadh

Posted on 26 Jan, 2024 at 01:37 pm - by

Riyadh is a city rich in culture, there are various historic places to enjoy in this Islamic metropolis. Some tourists find it challenging to explore a new city for the first time and Riyadh is one of those cities. It has many hidden gems concealed, with awe-inspiring wonders. If you are visiting soon and want to navigate this magnificent metropolis, then here is a curated Riyadh travel guide for you. This blog will comprise all the important information regarding this city from where to stay to how to enjoy in Riyadh, this blog features all of it. So pack your bags and let's navigate through this hidden wonder of Saudi Arabia.


Best Time to Visit Riyadh

Well, everyone has their own opinions regarding the best time to visit this metropolis. Most people think that Riyadh has a hot temperature all year round. Well, that's not the case, December and January are the main seasons where the cold temperatures are at their peak. As per natives the best time to explore Riyadh is during winter because of the cool temperature. Exploring Riyadh in summer may make your journey exhausting. However, in winter you feel less tired and there are more events taking place. This is the most important aspect you have to take care of, don't visit Riyadh in Ramadan, because at that time almost the entire city is shut down.


How To Travel in Riyadh

Riyadh is a challenging city to explore, as it is not a walkable city. People usually find it difficult to find proper transport. There is no public transport in Riyadh. Although Uber and other car rides are there for tourists' convenience, they are expensive. So it's better to have rental cars during your exploration of this city for easy transport.


Where to stay in Riyadh

This metropolis is home to many affordable and luxurious accommodation options. The best location to stay in Riyadh is in the Olaya. This place is the main city center in Riyadh.


  • Hotels Recommendation

There are several hotels in Riyadh. Some hotels are budget-friendly but with less conveniences. The expensive hotel features awesome facilities and a staying-in experience. One of the best hotels to stay in Riyadh is the Melissa Hotel, located in the heart of Riyadh, this is perfectly positioned to provide guests with convenient access to the city's highlights. The hotel is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable stay through a suite of thoughtfully curated services and facilities, another hotel is the Obaer Hotel, this hotel has a warm ambiance with a hygienic environment. Its inexpensive prices and central location make it a great accommodating option. There are other hotels as well such as Voyage Hotels, Aswar Hotel, and much more promising a pleasant experience.


Things to do in Riyadh

There are plenty of things to do in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. Here is the curated list of all of them.


  • Sky Bridge in the Kingdom

This location provides the best land views. Ascend to the tower, and enjoy the 360 view from the sky bridge. Apart from this, the tower also features a huge luxurious shopping mall, which is best for buying sophisticated souvenirs. Just a local tip, Riyadh's weather is mostly dusty and foggy, so for a better experience visit this tower when the weather is crystal clear for a great land view.


  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

This historic site is living proof of Saudi Arabia's rich bygones. This national museum Riyadh offers diverse knowledge regarding the history of this Islamic country and about the grounds of the Islamic religion. It's an expansive building with an impressive interior. The museum greatly enlightens tourists about the hardships and battles fought by Muslims to conserve this country as it is now.


  • Deera Square

This place is well known as Chop Chop Square. This name was given to this place because many public executions were held here. Thus this destination should be on your Riyadh sightseeing list. There are a lot of stone-paved streets for meanders near Deera Square. The streets are lined up with local stores. The best time to visit this place is during the daytime.


Where To Eat in Riyadh

Riyadh is a gastronomic wonder with plenty of eateries. The most liked dish in Saudi Arabia is kapsa. This local favorite dish comprises cooked rice and meat with a delectable taste. Many restaurants here feature Western food as well to accommodate the diverse tastes. There are several burger spots and cafes in Riyadh. Some of the best and highest-rated restaurants are listed below.


  • Najd Village

This place is excellent for sumptuous lunches and dinners, it features traditional cuisines with a warm and friendly ambiance. Visiting this place will give you insights about the rich gastronomy in Saudi Arabia.


  • The Zone

This region has a lot of cafes and restaurants catering to the preferences of all food lovers. The most famous cafe here is Green Cafe which offers delectable Korean cuisine.


What to Wear in Riyadh

As a male you can wear whatever you want to wear in Riyadh, however, females are advised to wear full clothes without any skin showing. It doesn't matter whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, you have to obey the dress code. Men are preferred not to wear shorts. The law in Saudi Arabia after 2019 states that women are no longer obliged to wear abayas. But it's encouraged to wear one as it may make you stand out among the locals if you are wearing local clothes.

Thus, here comes the end of this exceptional journey through the streets of Riyadh. From the best tourist places in Riyadh Saudi Arabia to wonderful eateries present, this city has everything to offer. This Muslim sanctuary is a must-see place to visit for an excellent exploit.

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